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Event of the Week

Installation of the first tower and the first nacelle for the offshore wind farm Global Tech I initiated by Windreich is done.

Installation of two further 5MW wind turbines of the Type AREVA M5000-116 will take place in the next few days. The installation vessel “THOR” loaded the three turbines, which consists of three tower segments each and the nacelle. The dimensions are massive: The nacelle alone weighs approx. 235 tons.
A further vessel for the rotor star assembly will be deployed about180 km away of the construction site. Thus, the installations of towers and nacelles as well as rotor stars assembly can be performed independently. This will speed up the construction process.
The first power supply via the interim connection BorWin alpha is expected already in autumn. Completion of the 80 turbines will be in the summer of 2014.

Article of the Week

Accelerated energy transition saves amounts up to billions- a survey has revealed that up to EUR 54 billion can be saved through the accelerated transition from fossil and nuclear power generation by 2030.

Taking into consideration the declining costs for renewable energy and the incurred costs to neutralize the damage caused by conventional energy sources, a potential cost savings of up to EUR 54 billion results. By 2040, a total of EUR 210 billion can be saved and up to EUR 522 billion by the year 2050. The share of wind energy saved is with its EUR 405 billion the greatest. “The survey reaveals that it is not only ecologically correct to continue promoting the expansion, but also economically sensible”, says Marcel Keiffenheim, head of energy policy, Greenpeace Energy.

Diagram of the Week

From wind turbine to driving wheel
Energy generated by wind power is the key to effective immobility. This is indispensable for our future since private transport is growing rapidly. Electric cars, in comparison to combustion engines save CO2-emissions only when they operate with energy emerging from renewable energy.

The diagram above illustrates that overall efficiency “wheel-to-wheel” lies by around 81 percent!

Radioactivity occurs – Swabian nuclear power plant shut down

Windreich has solutions for sustainable energy- the solution is in the North Sea!
“Each day of nuclear power is a day too many; we are on the right track with our offshore wind farms in the German North Sea!” comments Dipl.-Wirt. -Ing. (FH) Willi Balz on the occurrence of radioactivity in Block B oft he nuclear power plant Gundremmingen. Our project Global Tech I will provide over a million people with clean, green energy and approximately 5 tons of atom waste will be avoided.

To the IWR article
“Radioactivity occurs – Swabian nuclear power plant shut down”»

Comparison of the Week

Offshore wind energy is base-load

Due to the constant and favourable wind conditions in the German North Sea, which are unique worldwide, we have an enormous potential for wind energy at higher sea.


These fascinating images were captured on July 5, 2013 in Bremerhaven during a visit at Areva, a wind turbine manufacturer; WeserWind, a tripod manufacturer as well as the heavy jack-up vessel “Innovation“ of Hochtief. A flight over the construction site of the first offshore wind farm, Global Tech I, initiated by Windreich was also part of the highlight.

High Performance Fibres make a
significant Contribution to the Energy Transition


Speech from Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Willi Balz at the
Denkendorfer Hochleistungsfaser-Symposium »

The Role of Offshore Wind Energy within the Scope of the Energy Transition

Speech from keynote speaker Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Willi Balz Hochtief Symposium at Husum WindEnergy 2012

North Sea Wind Farm Global Tech I

  • 80 wind farms – 400 MW – clean electricity supply for 1 million people
  • The largest ever project financing in the offshore wind industry
  • Winner of the PFI award 2011
  • Excellent quality project planning meets German engineering standards
  • We offer investors the opportunity to participate in the project Global Tech I with a capital contribution starting with EUR 250,000 per investor
  • Unique construction contracts and constant North Sea wind contribute to returns of more than 10%

400 MW in the North Sea, Offshore Investment from €250,000

We offer investors the possibility to commit in the project Global Tech I with an equity capital from EUR 250,000 per investor.

There is a rate of return on equity of more than 10% before tax based upon project financing excluding personal liability.

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