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The Company

Windreich plans, builds, finances, operates, and sells wind turbines- both onshore and offshore. In addition, the company is responsible for the smooth technical and commercial operation of the turbines. The origins date back to the year 1999 when Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Willi Balz recognized the potential that lies in renewable energies. He took the first initiative and started to invest in wind power projects. This commitment, which began with a few wind turbines on land, is now a solid mid-sized company which is dedicated entirely to the wind power and a firmly established player in the European wind market.


Wind energy unites two elementary aspects of our lives: the responsibility towards nature and economic considerations. As pioneers of wind energy, we gained experience from constructing more than 500 wind turbines during the last decade. As compared to a nuclear power plant, the wind turbines we have built to date reduce annual nuclear waste production by about 3,000 kg. The German federal government has also recognised the potential of clean electricity and has set itself ambitious targets: The share of renewable energies in the power-mix is to be raised from currently 15 % to 30 % by 2020 – an undertaking that will not be possible to realize without wind energy, and offshore wind energy in particular.

In the context of the European Union, that means: a fifth of the energy is to be gained from water and wind power as well as solar and biomass by 2020. At the moment it is a mere 6.5 per cent. This is an ambitious goal.

With your investment in wind energy, you can contribute to a sustainable and clean way of generating energy – while profiting from the unique chances offered by the up-and-coming wind energy market. By supporting the momentum and the know-how of Windreich GmbH, you can make a significant contribution towards reaching the European climate goals.