Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Willi Balz, Founder

Willi Balz from Wolfschlugen, born in 1960, is founder and sole shareholder of Windreich GmbH. He led the company till September 9th.
After an apprenticeship as an electronic engineer (winner at the chamber of commerce, IHK), he graduated with a degree in industrial engineering from the Technical University of Esslingen.

He has been self-employed since 1981, building and renovating commercial and listed properties worth several hundred million Euros before turning his attention to renewable energy in 1999 and founding several important wind energy companies.

In 2003 he completely took over the NATENCO GmbH, which he fouded together with Putzmeister AG and successfully managed and finally sold it in 2006 to the french company Theolia. The sales proceeds constituted the foundation for today’s huge offshore pipeline in the North Sea.

The first successful 400MW offshore wind energy project Global Tech I in the German North Sea has also been initiated by Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Willi Balz. Both, who could raise equity and debt of total 1,75 billion Euro for the project.

The Second Windreich Project MEG I was also initiated by Windreich and will reach financial close end 2013.

Willi Balz gives expression to his enthusiasm for wind power in his passion as a successful sailor and pilot with more than 4.000 flying hours – he is repeated German and Italian Champion in gliding. Also, among others, he finished first at the sailing regatta „Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez“ in 2007.

In September 2010, the wind miller performed another pioneer work in bringing the vision of the first completely self-sufficient and CO2-free flight to life in the first twin-seater glider with electric motor; a project that fascinates even pioneers like Dr. Bertrand Piccard or adventurers like Reinhold Messner. This project has been awarded by the initiative „Deutschland – Land der Ideen“ (Germany – state of ideas) in cooperation with the Deutsche Bank and under the patronage of the Federal President.