Environmental Track Record

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Environmental Track Record

Wind energy unites two elementary aspects of our life: the responsibility to nature and economic considerations. o As pioneers of wind energy, we were able to gain experience from installing more than 1,000 wind turbines over the last decade. As compared to a nuclear power plant, the wind turbines we have erected to date help prevent around 3,000 kg of nuclear waste each year – and the energy required for the manufacture, use and disposal of these turbines is generated within approximately six months of their installation.

The German federal government has also recognised the potential of clean electricity and has set itself ambitious targets: The share of renewable energies in the power-mix is to be raised from the current 17 per cent to 35 per cent by 2020. This is an undertaking that will not be possible to realize without wind energy and, in particular, offshore wind energy.

In the context of the European Union, that means: The portion of renewable energy, meaning energy from water and wind power as well as solar and biomass, is to increase considerably by 2020. At the moment it is a mere 6.5 per cent. “The climate goals of the EU are very ambitious – in order to achieve these by 2020, innovative efforts and company dynamism are required”, explained Dr. Silviana Koch-Mehrin, then Vice President of the European Parliament, on 10 March 2010 in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

A sustainable contribution to achieving the European climate goals can be made using the skills and dynamism of Windreich GmbH. The first wind farm with 80 wind turbines is being built in the sea around 110 kilometres north-west of Cuxhaven. These generate some 1.6 billion kilowatt hours of available electricity per year. This is enough to supply one million people with clean energy. An added benefit is that these wind turbines will save around 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 per year and thereby make a major contribution to environmental protection – in addition, thousands of new, sustainable jobs are created.

CO2-Emissions KWH / G

All values ​​are based on the average between minimum and maximum deviation.

Source: Scientific Services of the German Parliament