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Onshore Expertise

Windreich GmbH has made significant contributions to the success story of wind energy. A commitment that has also been acknowledged and appreciated in the political field. This was demonstrated in 2009 when the German Federal Minister for the Environment at the time, Sigmar Gabriel, celebrated the commissioning of the Ochsenfurt-Erlach wind farm in Bavaria. This wind farm was implemented jointly by the subsidiary of Windreich GmbH, FC Windenergy GmbH.

The range of services of Windreich GmbH in the field of onshore wind energy production demonstrates the complexity, impact, and speed of an owner-managed company.

An interdisciplinary team from the fields of engineering, business administration, and law is developing new onshore wind farms here in Germany. FC Windenergy is the project developer within the group and so responsible for turnkey construction and sale as well as technical and commercial operations management.

Services offered by Windreich GmbH range from project development and construction including the erection of wind turbines as well as their project financing to commercial and technical execution.

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