Current Projects

Now everyone has the opportunity to commit in the project Global Tech I with a capital contribution from EUR 250,000 per investor. Based on project financing, a rate of return on equity of 10% without personal liability is achieved.

For further information please refer to our flyer.

Latest projects of Windreich GmbH include: the offshore wind farm “Global Tech I” initiated by our Wetfeet Offshore Windenergy GmbH subsidiary. The wind farm is located about 100 kilometres northwest of Cuxhaven. Our distincting feature is that no other offshore wind farm in this sector can demonstrate such a level of detailed preparation for the construction work. The chief executive officer Willi Balz has been able to acquire powerful strategic partners for this: AREVA Wind as manufacturer of the unique M5000 wind turbines especially designed for the German North Sea.

Windreich GmbH has already had a further offshore wind farm approved, the so-called “MEG I”. Appropriate planning and site development proceedings for this wind field are being implemented. In addition, the smooth operation of the first large farm at sea is catered for. With NAWIO – a further holding of Windreich GmbH – an innovative flight navigation system especially designed to meet offshore needs, has been developed. This simultaneously guarantees maximum safety and cost-efficiency for maintenance and service flights.

With the purchase of an additional approved wind farm “Deutsche Bucht”, the Group has expanded its leading role in the wind-energy business. The wind farm will stand on an area of 22.6 square kilometres north of Borkum and 135 km east of Helgoland in 2014. All three wind farms together with 200 wind turbines and over 1,000 megawatts nominal capacity will supply about 2.7 million people with clean energy. This is equivalent to replacing one nuclear power plant. The wind farms are concentrated in separate investments within the company. The service company WKU Service GmbH guarantees the future operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms. Thanks to the planned, approved, and implemented wind farms, a large number of new highly skilled jobs will be created in Germany.