Questions & Answers

We have compiled a list of important questions and answers about the Windreich corporate bond:

Windreich GmbH will use the capital raised to invest further in the offshore market. In other words, the company is planning to accelerate its expansion and development of the offshore project pipeline in the German North Sea.
GBC AG is one of the leading non-bank research institutes in Germany. It has carried out an initial assessment and valuation of the Windreich bond 2011. The analysis covered such aspects as the company, its market positioning and the growth prospects. The verdict: the corporate bond on offer from Windreich GmbH, bearing interest at 6.5 %, is a “better-than-average proposition”.
There are no individual certificates, only a joint global certificate. You will receive a securities settlement note from us, and a securities account statement from your bank.
You will incur no costs with Windreich GmbH. Depending on your custodian bank, costs may be incurred for opening and running the securities account. Subscribing via is guaranteed cost-free.
You can sell the bond at any time during its term on the Bondm segment of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.