Welcome To Our Information Page About The Windreich Bond 2011

In the current low-interest environment, the latest bond from Windreich GmbH offers you an attractive interest rate of 6.5 percent.

We were one of the first companies to recognise the potential of wind energy off the shores of Germany and identified suitable areas in the German North Sea. Two of our offshore wind farms are now nearing completion. A third has already been approved and over 20 are at the project planning stage. We will use the proceeds from the issue of our fixed-interest security to promote the expansion of the offshore wind farms we are planning, in order to secure a supply of clean energy.

The Windreich Bond 2011 –
Invest in the future market of renewable energies by subscribing to the Windreich bond 2011.

With 31 percent sales growth to more than EUR 120 million in 2010, Windreich GmbH is one of the most successful owner-run, mid-cap businesses in the German wind energy sector. The company generated an EBITDA of around EUR 11.8 million in the 2010 financial year. Thanks to our participating interests in special-purpose vehicles and operating companies for offshore and onshore wind farms, over a period of many years we have acquired core skills in the development and marketing of wind power projects and the operational management of wind farms.

Our corporate strategy is focused on the successful market for offshore wind farms. We are the market leader in that area, with a share of 25 percent, and well on the way to becoming one of the key developers of offshore wind farms in the German North Sea. A confirmed project pipeline of three approved wind farms and 23 more at the application stage serves as our basis. The focus of our onshore activities is both within and outside Germany.

Facts & Figures About The Windreich Bond 2011

Issuing Volume Up to 75 million euros
Denomination 1.000 euro
Minimum Investment 1.000 euro
Term 15/07/2011 to 14/07/2016
Interest Rate 6.5% p.a.
Interest Payments Annually, initially on 15/07/2012
Redemption price 100%
Security type Bearer Bond
Stock Market Listing Bondm OTC market, Stuttgart Stock Exchange

For detailed information about the Windreich bond 2011, please call +49 7022/953060

Good Reasons For Windreich GmbH

The wind energy growth market
Worldwide investment in wind turbines is expected to more than double by 2020. In the EU alone, an anticipated 305,000 megawatts will be produced from renewable sources.

Expertise and experience
The group has masterminded the planning, financing, building and operation of around 1,000 wind turbines since 1999 and therefore helped to shape the energy supply of the future.

Profitability and security
Wind turbines operate very cost-efficiently and represent a lasting, secure investment thanks to long-term legally guaranteed current supply prices.

Good reasons for the Windreich Bond 2011

  • 100 % redemption at end of term
  • High fixed interest rate of 6.5 % p.a.
  • The bond is denominated in euros and is not exposed to any foreign exchange risk
  • Listed on the Bondm market segment of Stuttgart Stock Exchange